October 19, 2022 – The Georgia election integrity legislation

October 19, 2022 The Georgia election integrity legislation

The Georgia election integrity legislation was discussed on Wednesday’s Mark Levin show. It is intended to make it more difficult to cheat, and contrary to media lies has nothing to do racism. Do not allow the left to drag your into the abyss they have created. The Democrats claimed that electronic voting machines had altered votes, taking them from Democrats and giving them back to Republicans on January 6. 2005 In an effort to alter the outcome of a presidential race, 31 members of Congress, including Bennie Thompson, objected at the counting of electoral votes. Democrats did it to the Republicans in the past to win the presidency. But the media refuses to call them election deniers. Also, media forgets about the violence that occurred during Donald Trump’s inauguration or following violence at the Republican National Committee outside of the White House. Democrats are not held responsible for the violence committed on January 6th. Later, President Biden was asked about why he released 15 million barrels from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He lied as he does every time. Blake Masters, a guest on the show, explains that Senator Mark Kelly left the border open rather than supporting Arizonans. Masters claims Kelly is a rubber stamp for Schumer, Biden and Pelosi.


Georgia sets a new first-day record for early voting, almost doubling the figure set by in last midterms

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Liz Cheney Thinks It’s funny Dem Rep Raskin wrote a book about Bush, Cheney Stealing an Election


Judge orders more information from attorney John Eastman regarding Trump’s election challenge. Jan. 6 probe


3 Arrested outside Supreme Court on Weapons charges, Police Searching Vehicle For Potential ‘Explosives.


Capitol Police arrest an armed man who brought “documents” to Supreme Court

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Republicans sue Pennsylvania officials who claimed they’ll accept mail-in ballots without dates

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