ABBOTT PUT BETO TO BOED: Texas Governor Greg Abbott defeats Beto O’Rourke and wins the third term

According to Fox News Desk, Texas Governor Greg Abbott defeated Democratic challenger Beto Olson and will return to the governor’s mansion to serve a third term.

Fox News:

O’Rourke was an El Paso-based former congressman who nearly upset Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2018 state Senate showdown. He then launched a failed bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominating contest.

In the aftermath of the horrible Uvalde shooting in Texas where 19 elementary school students were killed and two teachers were injured, he presented his plans for public education and gun violence reduction. He also criticised the governor for the state’s last-year electricity grid problems and for signing a strict abortion law.

Abbott, a conservative former state attorney general, praised the state’s economy and his hard stance on illegal immigration and border security. O’Rourke was targeted for his pivots on gun control issues as he sought re-election.

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