BORDER WALL SHOWDOWN JD Vance: “We Need to Fight over the Border Wall”

The border is in crisis and JD Vance, Ohio GOP Senate candidate, says it’s now time to confront Joe Biden. Vance spoke at an event in Middletown with supporters to express the need to call for action.

Vance stated to supporters that Republicans must fight for the border wall. “And we must be ready to tell Joe Biden that if you don’t do your job and secure the southern border, you won’t get a dime. ‘”

Politico reported that Vance stated funding for the wall was one of his top priorities. He also mentioned stopping inflation and increasing domestic energy production, if he loses Rep. Tim Ryan in November.

Vance stated that “we have to be open to using the leverage we will have with the congressional majorities to actually for Joe Biden to perform some of the core functions” of the federal government. “One thing we must do as Republicans is to force the border security conversation. It is killing far too many people.”

Vance, however, criticized Ryan’s inability to defend the southern border during a debate with Tim Ryan, a Democratic opponent.

“You can’t pretend to be a defender border security if you vote for amnesty multiple time in Congress. If you have voted against border wall funding multiple time, it is impossible to pretend that you are a defender for border security.

See the video below:

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