EACH OF THE AMENITIES: NYC Migrants Acquire Big Screen TVs, XBOX Methods, Cafeteria, and Phones

New tent shelters on Randall’s Island are being built for the first wave of NYC migrants. Some people may be shocked by the amenities such as big-screen televisions, XBOX and laundry facilities, cafeterias, and much more.

Each tent comes with cots that can accommodate up to 500 people.

See the first wave of migrants arriving in the video clip above.

From Fox News

Since spring, more than 18,000 asylum seekers have arrived at the Big Apple. This has put a significant strain on the city’s homeless shelter system.

Mayor Eric Adams declared an emergency earlier this month, stating that increased demand was “not sustainable.”

The city will bring the single men, many of them from Venezuela, to the facility upon their arrival at the Port Authority bus terminal. They will then be housed for a time and assessed by the city to determine the next steps.

Hotels are available for families with children.

According to the city, it will be possible to double the sleeping space of the tents if needed.

Since April, nearly 20,000 migrants have crossed the border to NYC by bus. One Twitter user complained that illegal migrants are treated better than veterans and the homeless.

It is so sad that illegals are treated worse than Veterans and the homeless. It is time to put Veterans first!

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