HORRIBLE IN HAWKEYE: Joe Hits’s 35% Approval In Iowa, 3 in 4 Say Country Off the Track

Iowa’s Biden is below the waterline

Fox News reports that President Biden is only 35% in approval according to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll, with 3 out 4 Iowans saying that the country is not on the right track.

Only 20% of survey respondents are satisfied with the country’s current trajectory.

Fox News:

This is an increase from July’s historically low numbers, when only 10% of Iowa poll respondents believed that the country was on the right track.

Des Moines Register’s latest poll on the state’s Senate elections is making headlines. It shows that 89-year old Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who has served in Senate for over four decades, leads by just three points over Mike Franken (Democratic challenger and retired Navy Adm.).

This poll shows a tighter Senate race than most believed. Grassley faces his toughest reelection challenge to date. He is losing a lot of support from independent voters, and six out of 10 say his age is a concern. The poll has not yet triggered any outside spending by pro–GOP groups to protect the longest-serving Republican within the chamber.

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