March 17th, 2022

March 17th, 2022 Mitch

Monday’s Mark Levin Show showed that the economy is in crisis and President Biden refused to accept responsibility. Instead, he eats ice cream. Biden is worried about nothing, while families struggle to pay fuel prices 40% higher. Democrats broke the economy and set off the fire alarm for inflation.

Food is becoming scarcer and fuel shortages are imminent. Democrats blame corporate greed for the crisis in Ukraine, as though there was no war in Afghanistan and no corporate greed in the Trump years. Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli Prime Minister, joins the program to discuss his book Bibi, My Story. Netanyahu stated that Iran is threatening Israel and the stability of the Middle East.


It is important to reiterate that Iran’s nuclear armament must be stopped. This can only be achieved through soft power, such as diplomacy, culture, and hard power. Mitch McConnell, a disaster later, is promoting RINOs against solid conservatives during the midterm elections. McConnell’s attempt to keep power at any cost must be stopped by the re-blooded Americans who love this country.

NY Post

Biden says the US economy is strong as hell as he eats an ice cream cone


Bernie Sanders: Dems Spending Didn’t Contribute To Inflation

Daily Mail

Trump attacks American Jews, telling them to get their act together and be more like Israelis. He also praises Evangelicals for their support

Honest Reporting

Hitler-Loving Palestinian Journalist Receives Prestigious Award. Invited to Reuters Panel with CNN’s Christiane Aminpour


Alaska Republicans Call on Kentucky GOP to Censure Mitch McConnell over Party Interference

Daily Caller

SNEAD – The Left Strives to Restructure Voting Systems in America — Here’s how

Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP

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