Joe Biden’s War Against Gender

Joe Biden's War Against Gender

According to a shocking report by Fox News Patrick Hauf, the Biden administration promotes hormone therapy and puberty-blocking treatments for children, even though it has spent millions of dollars on studies that examine such treatment’s risks.

Hauf reported that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is currently funding less than 30 studies to examine the medical consequences of hormone therapy for young people. These include increased cardiovascular risk, infertility, and increased chances of developing severe sexually transmitted diseases. The Obama administration has seen an increase in grant funding by the NIH to study the benefits and risks of transgender-related treatment. The effort has increased dramatically under President Joe Biden, as a result of the five-year Biden Administration plan to assist “sexual and gender minority” people.

These studies have been funded by the government $17 million over the Biden presidency. The Biden administration has set aside additional funding for the ongoing studies. Given the Biden administration’s hiring practices, and the revolving doors of TikTok influencers who bend to gender, it’s clear that the administration wants these results to support hormone therapy.

However, this has not been the case. One study funded by the government to investigate puberty-blocking drugs found that they could “disrupt puberty signaled neural maturation in ways which can undermine mental health gains over the long-term and impact on quality of life in various other ways.” A second puberty-blocker research, which was funded by more than $1.1 million, examined the effects of puberty-blocking drugs on skeletal development. The study concluded that there is not much information on the effects of puberty blockers on bone health in young transgender adolescents. However, it did note that hormone shifts could cause long-term skeletal problems. Both researchers stressed that it is not known what the final impact of hormone blockers on puberty is.

Food and Drug Administration FDA
Food and Drug Administration FDA

This is why other government agencies that are concerned with health, like the Food and Drug Administration FDA have not approved hormone therapy and puberty blockers as treatment options for youths who want to ostensibly alter their gender.

According to Hauf’s report, Biden’s White House claims that states banning hormone therapy for minors and puberty blockers are bullying disguised as legislation and an attack upon “lifesaving healthcare.” In March, Biden’s Department of Justice warned the states that banning such treatments would violate federal antidiscrimination laws. It has also sued states like Arkansas and Alabama that have enacted bans.

Dylan Mulvaney Interviewed Biden
Dylan Mulvaney Interviewed Biden

Dylan Mulvaney interviewed Biden, a transgender activist, just over the weekend. Mulvaney has become famous for posting daily TikToks regarding his transition. Mulvaney asked Biden, “Do you believe states should be able to ban gender-affirming healthcare?”


The president said, “I don’t believe any state or anyone should have the right to do this,” he mumbled. “As a moral and legal question.”

This is a testament to how dedicated the left is to overcome the limitations of gender. They believe that the elimination of gender, which is so fundamental to human existence, will make it possible for the world to reconsider what other limitations humanity may be able to overcome. They will accept that a few hundred thousand children would have to have their genitals removed and their lives irreparably altered to do that. They believe there is no natural order, only nurture and lack of will.

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